Obedience Dog Training for Small and Medium Dogs

Hello Gorgeous!

I'm so happy you're here, your doggy is a lucky pup to have you as a mum. I know you care and love him deeply which is why you're here!



Behavioural Dog Training For Busy Women.

Giving you the power AND cONFIDENCE to train your dog using the love land care you have for your dog.

This Online Community is so much better than just a training class! Using the videos and worksheets created for you, you will train your dog from the comfort of your living room creating a deeper bond and irresistible relationship which will come in handy in many situations.
— Kate -Bobbie's the American Bulldog's Super Mum


Helping you train your own dog from the comfort of your own house is what makes a much bigger difference in your life and your dogs life.

Why you ask? It is important that you understand your dog, and why he barks, jumps, or becomes aggressive. I will teach you how to build a foundation for a wonderful relationship with your dogs and solve the cause of all if your problems.

Solving the real problems such as lack of trust, leadership, consistency, communication, will truly make you understand your doggy and help him be a good boy!




Dog owners from over 5 different countries joined WoofyBarks and are living happy life with their doggies!


Super dog mums

Who understand their dogs and have control over their pets thanks to the trust and a relationship they have developed after joining our training.


Thousand dogs Impacted

Our Super Dog Mums spread the word and make a difference themselves, by advising and helping other dog mums by standing up for their dogs when they saw clearly that their dogs were being misunderstood.

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The Super Dog Mum

Training Academy is a programme for all dog MUM’S AND MOM’S who are looking for better ways to life their lives alongside their favourites pets.

This is where you learn everything you need to know about your dog, starting with their body language, dogs basics needs and how to fulfil them. Next I teach you how to become a leader of your family and gain your dogs trust, in order to move on to all the training you really want to know: How to train your dog to stop barking, jumping, pulling, biting, how to teach him great recall. You see all of those issues are only your perspective, the Super DOG MUM Academy teaches you how to see those issues from your dogs perspective and how to successfully react and respond to them while growing a strong relationship with your dog.

I highly recommend Woofy Barks to anyone needing some help with their dog. Roksana gave us great advice & tips & helped me understand things more from my dogs point of view! :)
Roksana is a lovely, kind soul & absolutely loves animals, which is perfect for training dogs. You’ll be in good hands! Thank you xx
— Mia
I had the pleasure of meeting Roksana for advice about my new mini dachshund pup! She came to the house to meet us and provided great advice on training tips and general advice on having a puppy. She spent time with me and made sure I understood everything. She is so kind and caring and clearly loves her job and the doggies!! I would highly recommend her to anyone ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
— Fiona


Dogs are social animals, it is their basic needs feel loved and receive our affection! So please go and give your dog a big kiss and a warm cuddle!


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