Dogs are a blessing and I truly believe that the dog in your live today was destined to be an apart of your journey. All of the encounters with animals throughout your life led you to the dog in your life today. I will teach you how to be the nest parent, leader and a friend that your dog deserves. I will teach you how to be a Super Dog Mum!

The training is fun, exciting, and eye opening.

I have been training dogs for the pas few years and I have realised that people come do me as a last resort, when something really bad happens, for example when your dog bites a stranger in the park, or jumps on your nice! The problems which people come to me with 10/10 times start with a small miscommunication that’s why this training will help you stay in control at all times without any disappointments in future.

Super Dog Mum

She’s brave, she is in charge and no matter what she always knows best.

Super dog mum is a true leader!

I have created the super dog mum community and the training to help you access all the important doggy information without paying hundreds of pounds you can watch the videos specially created for you and your dog in your spare time!

Cheaper, Faster and Better way to train your dog!

It’s a training focused on relationship building and mutual understanding between you and your dog.

Be feminine, wear heels, dresses, look fabulous and still have control over your dog who listens to you because he trusts you!


The Future

All of this will build a great foundation for the life you want to have with your dog. You love, care and companionship will build a wonderful friendship which will become irresistible to your dog, and every time he will be faced with a dilemma wether to chase another dog or listen to your command ‘‘come’’ he will always chose you over any other temptation, and thats a promise!

The key

to a wonderful relationship with your dog who listens to you because he wants to is something you will never learn in dog training classes.

It is to start at home, Start small, minimising the amount of distraction your doggy is face with every minute of every day, helping your dog stay focused on you. Your dog is constantly exposed to so many distractions outside, or in a dog training class people, smells, dogs, cars, restaurant can easily distract your dog and mess up all of your hard work.

This is why watching the Super Dog Mum training is perfect as it gives you all the time and freedom you need to build a great relationship with your tail wagging friend. There many important elements to this training, starting at home and gaining your dogs trust there is the most important one, once your dog listens to you and responds to your commands you can begin to expand on the distance and add some more distractions such as other people, dogs, pets, or even taking your dog outside where there are cars and many other smells which could tempt him. The best thing to do is to only add the distractions once you fully trust that your dog will always respond to your commands!