Super Dog Mum Academy

Super Dog Mum Academy


Online Obedience Dog Training for Small and Medium Dogs

100% Money Back Guarantee!

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As an Animal Behaviourist I have looked deeper into the issues that our dogs are having fitting into our world.

This training is fully based on our dogs perspective on the issues we are having with our pets, giving you the control over every situation while earning your dogs trust and establishing yourself as a leader of your family.

The training includes 8 exciting videos covering:

  • Dogs perspective and their issues with fitting into our world

  • Dogs Basic needs

  • Barking

  • Jumping

  • Recall

  • Agression

  • Toilet Training

  • Establishing yourself as a leader of your family

All of this is worth over £500 of one to one training session which I have recorded and made it more accessible for you to watch at point! Saving you £480 you can spend on spoiling yourself and your doggy!

You will also become a mender of our Super Dog Mum Community!

where we share our experiences and successes and celebrate them together by posting photos, videos, and questions to the page where we can all engage and talk about our pets!

I am so confident that this is a life changing training that If by the end of the training you’ll feel that you haven’t learned anything you will be entitled to 100% of your money back!

Join us today and become a SUPER Dog Mum!