Super Dog Mum Tips - Let Your Dog Sniff the Ground!

Happy Monday My lovely ladies! This week I wanted to ask you a favor, it's to allow a few seconds of your day to let your doggy smell and sniff the ground. Trust me he will really appreciate it and it will reinforce your leadership! When we rush the walk and pull our dogs away when they stop to smell we are braking their trust in us because we are letting down one of the basic needs of an animal, a very important one for that matter! It's the MENTAL STIMULATION, for our dog's sense of smell it is almost like reading a book or their favorite newspaper, so please allow your dog to read and stimulate his brain in order to stay healthy for longer. I strongly encourage you to take your dog for a walk somewhere new, somewhere fun like a forest walk, or hill walk or even a beach walk if he's never been to the beach! By doing so you'll reinforce your great leadership and you and your dog will live a happy life together.

Love, Roksana

Roksana GajdamowiczComment
The Eye Infection

Hello Lovely!

I have recently noticed that Daisy’s eyes have been watering very often, I have also found myself cleaning out the pus of her eyes a few times a day. If that happens to your dog, please call up your Vet.

After a Vet consultation turns out Daisy has an eye infection, caused by nothing else but the seawater of the east coast of Scotland. Daisy was chasing her ball into the water with her eyes wide open staring at the ball, bacteria along with the water got into her eye and caused an eye infection. She was given eyedrops for two weeks, twice a day.

This fun game of chasing the ball into the water cost me £65 including £25 consolation fee. The easiest way to avoid this would be by throwing the ball safely on the bech or the grass instead!

Eye infections can be tricky, some might pass on its own, others could spread and could even lead to loss of vision, that's why it's always best to consult with your vet if you feel that your doggy is suffering.

The easy way to check if anything is going on with your dog's eyes is to check the bottom eyelid which is supposed to be light pink if you see any reddness your doggy might need medication such as eye drops.

Hope this will help you avoid similar problems in future!