Stepping up

Dear dog mums, having wagging tail and a sniffing nose in your life is truly making a huge impact on your every day life, mental health, happiness and state of mind. The benefits of taking care of a dog are incredible, whether we are aware of it or now.

My story with Daisy is no different, I moved out of the house and decided this was my time to get a doggy, and that I did. Having Daisy in my life made me step up my game, all of a sudden I had this little being I needed to feed, take to the vets, teach to pee outside and it wasn’t all love and cuddles all the time. Puppies are hard work! I loved my puppy deeply and I wanted to be the best dog mum for this wonderful little creature that I was now responsible for. Thankfully I love research, and research is what I did, and so I picked up a puppy training book, and another one, then I found a dog grooming book, since Daisy is a Yorkshire terrier I had to take a good care of her coat and ears. My eyes were opening wider and winder by a minute, the world of ‘‘dog’’ was so big, there were books on almost everything you need to know about every breed of dog!

I have found out so much about dogs, good and bad information that it nearly made my head spin!

The only important information I haven’t came across is what I have learned throughout my experiences later on my career as an Animal Behaviourist and that is how to step up and be there for your dog when he feels frightened, how to support him and make him trust your leadership, how to consistently communicate with them and reassuring our pets that they can follow us and listen to our commands as they come from a good place. How to be a Super Dog Mum, and pride yourself in it!

Thats what I want to be sharing with you and millions of dog mums across the world, all the small and big insights to a life with a dog that no one is teaching, and you won’t find in any training book.



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